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Holiday decorations: Tips for packing effectively

January 3rd, 2018

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Holiday help in the form of self storage

November 27th, 2017

The holidays can be a crazy time of year. To help keep you from tearing your hair out, we have 3 ways self storage can help you this season.

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Downsizing? Here are 5 tips to make it a success

October 6th, 2017


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Life events that require self storage

August 25th, 2017

Despite what some people may assume, self storage is not just something for hoarders who have trouble letting go. It is an essential service needed by many when life takes you by surprise. Most people need storage during major life events. When your life is going through upheaval, self-storage can often alleviate some of the pressure. Here are 6 life events that self storage can help you through.

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Storage Mistakes to Avoid

July 28th, 2017

Packing to move items to a storage unit is sometimes rushed and stressful. Rarely do you have enough time to plan things out as much as you would like. However, taking just a little time to pack your belongings properly and choose the right storage facility and unit type for your needs can help you avoid storage mistakes that will cost you time and money down the road. So, here are 7 mistakes people often make when moving items into a storage unit.

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Business storage: 3 benefits of self-storage

June 28th, 2017

One of the most overlooked aspects of self-storage is the benefits it offers to businesses. Specifically, small to medium-sized businesses that have to seriously consider the cost of office space. As always, Sparky’s is here with 3 ways self-storage can help your business.

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Summer moving tips to help you beat the heat

May 26th, 2017

Moving is never fun, but moving in the summer presents some unique problems. But don’t worry, Sparky’s is here to help with 5 summer moving tips to make your move a success.

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Protect items for long-term storage

April 27th, 2017

Whether you are storing items in your garage, the attic, or a self-storage unit, taking the proper steps to protect your stored items will help guarantee they are still in good condition when you are ready to use them again. Here are some quick tips on how to properly prepare different types of items for storage.

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Tackle Spring Cleaning Like a Master

April 5th, 2017

Spring cleaning may seem like an overwhelming task, but our team at Sparky’s Storage has 6 helpful tips to propel you to the level of spring cleaning master!

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8 tips for storing your winter clothes

February 23rd, 2017

Properly storing your winter clothing during the warmer months of the year will keep items from going missing between seasons. It will also extend the life of your wardrobe. With that in mind, here are 8 tips for getting your winter clothes safely stored away during the warmer months.

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