12 Tips to Unpack Like a Boss

12 Tips to Unpack Like a Boss

We talk a lot about how to pack for a move, but what happens when you find yourself overwhelmed by piles of boxes at your new home? Take control by following these 12 tips to unpack like a boss.

1. Sweep & Mop


Not only do you want clean floors before you move in furniture and boxes, it is also likely you will be sitting on the floor as you unpack, so you do not want to be sitting in dust and dirt.

2. Place the Heavy Stuff

You do not want to move large furniture pieces more than once, so place them not only in the correct room, but also in their final positions wherever possible.

3. Sort and Organize

Sort boxes

Now that heavier pieces are in place, sort boxes and the rest of the furniture into the correct rooms. Then, organize them by type of item and priority. Hopefully, you took the time to label boxes as you were packing, which will make this step a lot easier.

4. Prioritize by Room


If you are stating earlier in the day, we recommend starting with the kitchen. The kitchen is typically a great base of operations for you and your family to set and eat as you move on to bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. If you are starting later in the day, you may need to start with the bedrooms, and deal with the kitchen in the morning.

5. Prepare the Space

If you followed step one, the floors are already taken care of, but depending on the space, you may need to do additional cleaning and preparation such as dusting, wiping down surfaces, and cleaning sinks, showers, and toilet. This is also a good time to add things like drawer and cabinet liners.

6. Focus on Essentials


It is finally time to start opening boxes, but do not try to completely unpack each room just yet. Focus on the most essential items needed in each space. In the kitchen, this might just be just a microwave and some snacks. In bedrooms, this might be assembling beds and unpacking bedding. While in bathrooms, this might be just a roll of toilet paper and some hand soap.

7. Fight the Clutter

Empty box

As you unpack, you will be left with used packing material and boxes cluttering you space. Regularly pick up trash and move boxes out of the way. It also helps to have a plan on how you will deal with empty boxes, you can store them, trash them, recycle, or give them away.

8. Leave Closets and Utility Rooms Until Last

Typically, you do not need to use closets and utility rooms for the first few days, so you can prioritize other tasks first. Also, these spaces often become dumping ares for items you are not ready to unpack yet, or things that you simply don’t place for. By saving closets and utility rooms until the end, you make it more likely that you will go through these items and find a correct place for them.

9. Plan It Out

Girl thinking

Now that the essentials are unpacked, it is time to go back to each room and finish them up. Since you have been in the space for a day or two by now, visualize each room and have a plan on how you will organize and decorate before you start digging into the rest of the boxes.

10. Make It Yours

Man and woman decorating

Do not just focus on functional elements. This is the time to start adding decorations and pictures that will help you truly feel that this new space is home.

11. Do Not Rush

Girl relaxing

Moving can be exhausting for everyone involved. Do not overwork yourself or you family. Know that it is okay to take your time, and that everything does not need to be unpacked immediately.

12. Stay Motivated

As the days go on, it can be tempting to shove the last boxes into as closet or garage, but instead, keep boxes out in the open. They may be an eyesore, but if you can see them in your living space, you are more likely to finish unpacking them. Also, keep in mind that if it is not worth unpacking, it probably is not worth keeping.

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