13 home storage hacks for every room

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Finding the perfect place for everything in your home is definitely a challenge. To meet that challenge you have to get a bit creative. Here are 13 home storage hacks to help you organize every room.

1. Hang a dish rack over the sink

Dish rack

Source: Dornob

This allows you to save counter space and allow the dishes to dry without needing a mat or towels for them to drip on. You can add multiple shelves and cover with cabinet doors.

2. Place false drawers in front of the sink

Don’t let the small space in front of the sink go to waste. Install small storage spaces to hold sponges and other small accessories.

3. Use magazine racks to hold plastic wrap

Mount a magazine rack to hold plastic wrap and other kitchen rolls.

4. Place hooks inside cabinet doors for measuring spoons

Source: TidyMom.net

Placing hooks inside the cabinet will allow you to sort spoons by size and easily access them while cooking.

5. Use skinny shelves in the bathroom

Bathroom shelf

Source: Amazon

Don’t let any space go to waste. Use skinny shelves for efficient storage in the bathroom.

6. Use paper towel holders for belts

Tired of trying to find the right belt? Use paper towel holders to securely hold and display your belts. You can see the belt you want and easily extract it.

7. Use a drawstring storage bag for legos

Storage bag

Source: Kohls

Legos are a constant bane for parents everywhere. There are many ideas for how to deal with these small, much beloved, and potentially painful toys. One easy solution is to use a drawstring bag that will go flat. This will also make clean up easy for children.

8. Use a peg board for odd shaped toys

Instead of using a disorganized toy chest, use a peg board to hold toys. This keeps them easy to access, and you will know if toys are broken and need to be thrown away.

9. Organize cords with a hub

Cord hub

Source: Amazon

Cords always make a space look cluttered, but you can hide them away simply with a cord hub. you can buy one or build it yourself.

10. Store bikes on the ceiling

There are now racks that allow you to easily store bicycles on the ceiling of your garage. Save wall space and keep them handy when you need them.

11. Create a DIY heavy-duty tape dispenser

Instead of digging around in drawers for the right roll of tape, keep all your tapes organized in a dispenser that will also save you the trouble of needing scissors to get the right cut.

12. Keep garbage bags on a roll

Use a towel rack to hang a roll of garbage bags in the garage or utility room for easy access to garbage bags.

13. Use stretch cords to store sports equipment

Ball rack

Source: Amazon

Sports equipment, especially balls, represent a challenge to many a home organizer. One clever trick is to use stretch cords attached to a board frame to hold balls in place. You can also just buy a hanging one on Amazon.

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