13 packing hacks for your next move

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Moving is hard, but you can make it easier by following these 13 packing hacks. Yes, you too can amaze your friends with your packing genius.

1. Use trash bags for hanging garments

While clothes are still hanging, wrap them in trash bags for easy moving and unpacking.

2. Hold things in place

Use plastic wrap or Press’n Seal to hold the contents of silverware containers, drawers, jewelry boards and more in place.

3. Number boxes

number boxes

Number boxes and keep a corresponding list for what is in each box. This will save you time trying to write labels, and also trying to read labels on stacked boxes.

4. Color code by room

Colored Tape

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To make the job of unpacking even easier, use colored tape to mark which room boxes belong in.

5. Pack dishes vertically

Pack plates and other flatware vertically like records or as they would be placed in a dish rack to better protect them from breaking. You can also layer them with foam sheets for even better protection.

6. Keep it light


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Pack heavy items, like books, in small boxes, or mixed in with other lighter items. This will keep boxes from being too heavy.

7. Pack knives safely

A great packing hack is to pack knives in old oven mitts in order to guarantee they do not mar other items they are packed with or cut anyone unpacking that box.

8. Fill in spaces

Packing hack

Source: Real Simple

Do not leave empty spaces in boxes to prevent shifting and damage during the move. Fill in these holes with rags, clothes, or crumpled paper.

9. Cutout box handles

Use a box cutter to cut handles into boxes to make them easier to carry. Start the cut about 3 inches from the top of the box. You can make easy triangular cuts by drawing a T with lines of approximately 4 inches and then cutting from the end of the top line down to the bottom of the vertical line. Fold the flaps in for sturdy handles.

10. Take a photo

Before unplugging electronics like TVs and computers, take a photo of how everything is connected, so that you can easily replicate the setup at your new home.

11. First things first

Plastic bin

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Make your life easier by packing those things which will need to be unpacked first in clear plastic bins. This will make it easy to spot the bins and quickly eye what is in them.

12. Pack overnight bags

Overnight bag

The last thing you want to do after a long day of loading and unloading is dig through boxes to find some shampoo and soap. Pack overnight bags with the essentials, and if you really love yourself, include some of your favorite snacks.

13. Keep doors open with rubber bands

Make sure doors do not lock as you are carrying things in and out by using a rubber band.  Just loop a thick rubber band across the handles.

Do you have some of your own packing hacks? Share them with us on our Facebook or Instagram. You can also find more useful tips on the Sparky’s blog.

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