3 Strategies To Clean Your Storage Unit

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If you have been holding on to a storage unit for a long time, chances are you want to clean it out. Because your possessions have been stored away, you have likely forgotten about many things that once seemed worth keeping. Trash or treasure, eventually you are going to want to roll up your sleeves and start cleaning your self storage unit. It is best to start this process with a clear plan in mind and follow these three steps to clean your storage unit.

Set a deadline to clean your storage unit

Since cleaning your storage unit is something you have been putting off, it is time to give yourself a firm deadline. Know that you will probably need several days to complete all of the steps to follow, and clear your schedule as needed. Make sure you have extra boxes and plastic bags, a car or truck with the room you need, and extra hands for heavy furniture and boxes. Select a thrift store or charity to donate unneeded or unwanted items to, then circle a date on your calendar to clean your storage unit.

Take an inventory of the items in your storage unit

If you are going to make decisions about what to keep and what to discard, you need a clear picture of all of the contents of the storage unit. Find an open area to use and cover the ground with sheets or empty boxes. Then, start opening boxes and drawers. You need to see everything, so spread out and don’t stack items on top of each other.

Categorize your items

Next, it is time to organize all of the now-visible items from your storage unit into three primary categories. Every single item will either be kept, donated, or thrown away.

Keep: This should be the smallest pile. Think about it – these are items that you do not use because they are not needed. Keeping too many items means cluttering your home or continuing to use a storage unit. You should also have a plan for items you want to keep. You can sell the items, give them to family or friends, or find a place in your home.

Donate: This should be your biggest pile. Most items with any degree of usability can be donated. You could earn the tax benefits of charitable donation on top of the peace of mind of cleaning out your storage unit. Lots of thrift stores will send a truck to pick up your donated items, so big furniture is no issue. If an item is outdated technology, out-of-style clothing, a knick-knack, or a household item you already own, it should go in the donate pile.

Trash: If clothing is stained or damaged, throw it away. If you have broken furniture items, those should go, too. It can be tough to throw away things that you have been storing for years, but remember, things are just things. Try not to attach sentimental value to something simply because you have owned it for a long time. Commit to tossing a percentage of the contents of your storage unit into the trash.

If you think you will need the emotional support or are worried about making good decisions, enlist the help of a friend that can give you good advice. Stick to your timeline, and remember that you are undertaking a project that you have been putting off for a long time. Cleaning your storage unit is going to provide some serious relief.

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