3 Tips For Storing Artwork In A Self Storage Unit

A self storage unit is an ideal storage solution for artists and art collectors alike. Whether you are looking for short-term storage during an upcoming move or you need long-term storage for your extensive collection, self storage gives you the space you need for as long as you need it. Taking a few extra steps to protect your valuable pieces ensures they will remain in top condition for years to come.

Wrap the artwork properly

Artwork should be wrapped in a material that allows air to circulate while shielding the art from bugs, dust, and other harmful items. Foam, tissue paper, and breathable blankets and sheets are all great options. Steer clear of bubble wrap and plastic wrap, as both of these materials trap condensation and limit air circulation. When you are storing canvas backed paintings, support the backing with sturdy cardboard or wood.

As you prepare to wrap your artwork, keep in mind that the type of paint used affects the curing process for fresh paintings. Most latex based paints cure within a few days or weeks while oil based paints can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months to cure fully. Waiting until paintings have cured fully minimizes the risk of scratching and staining during the storage process.

Carefully transport the artwork to your self storage unit

When you are ready to transport art to or from your unit, do so with care. Many artists and collectors prefer to rent drive-up or interior ground floor units to shorten the distance they have to transport the art from the car to the unit. If you are renting an upper floor unit, make sure the facility has an elevator. Using a dolly or cart to transport art to an upper unit saves time and minimizes the risk of damage. Many self storage facilities have dollies or carts available for their renters.

Select appropriate shelving

Once you have wrapped and transported your art, you want to make sure it stays safe in the self storage unit. Shelving is ideal for keeping art off the ground, protecting it from water damage and enabling adequate circulation. In a pinch, wooden slats or pallets will also work. Store art vertically from smallest to largest to avoid cracking or puncturing.

Within your shelves, separate each piece of art with another layer of material to keep the art safe in the event of shifting. Cloth, foam, and felt are all great options for separation. If you decide to roll up artwork, roll with the paint side facing inward to limit the chances of warping or cracking. Keep in mind latex and acrylic based paints are much more flexible and easier to roll than oil based paints.

Finally, depending on the length of your storage term and value of the art you are storing, you may want to consider insuring your belongings. Many self storage facilities offer their own insurance plans, which can be included in rental agreements. You may also opt to take out your own insurance plan with your insurance provider.

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