3 Ways Self Storage Helps With Weddings

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Weddings bring a lot of joy to those involved, but for the bride and groom, planning can be pretty stressful. The stress involved with this planning should not take the joy out of your special day. Renting a self storage unit before the big day will help you declutter your personal spaces and give you room to plan. Also, keeping the unit after the wedding can help you as you transition into a new phase of life. Your self storage unit can act as storage for supplies, clear up space in a home, and help you safely store your gifts.

A safe place for wedding decorations and supplies

Your home can easily become overwhelmed with supplies and decorations for the wedding. Decorating your own wedding will help you cut costs, but storing the supplies in your home can be stressful. A self storage unit is a cost effective way to store these items safely until the big day. Store items by placing them in labeled plastic tubs. You can also store folding chairs and tables that would take up too much space in your home.

Use self storage to declutter a home venue

Venues are expensive and depending on the venue you choose, it could take up most of your budget. Some couples choose to have weddings at a friend’s or family member’s home to save costs. Creating a beautiful wedding venue at someone’s home is possible, and a self storage unit can help you make plenty of space. Move furniture and belongings into your self storage unit before the wedding so there will be plenty of room for the ceremony and reception.

Storing memorabilia and gifts

You want to enjoy the days after your wedding instead of spending them figuring out what to do with a surplus of wedding gifts. Renting a self storage unit will give your peace of mind as you relax on your honeymoon by safely keeping your items until you return. Also, if you don’t have room to store memorabilia at your home, like your dress or decorations, a self storage unit is a great option.

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