4 Common Reasons For Renting Self Storage

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Renting self storage is beneficial to many people, whatever their reasons for renting a unit may be. Most facilities have self storage units in a wide array of sizes, so renters can store anything from a motorcycle to a filing cabinet. There are several common reasons why a person may choose to use self storage. These reasons include decluttering to sell a home, dealing with major life changes, remodeling a home, or downsizing a home.

Decluttering to sell a home

The staging of a home plays an essential role in the selling process. Cluttered homes can make rooms feel less spacious. Potential buyers can be distracted by too many odds and ends if they are in every area of your home. Many homeowners decide to rent self storage to clear up space and essentially make their home look inviting.

Dealing with major life changes

Major life changes often cause people to seek the help of a self storage unit to keep their belongings safe. Big changes, such as marriage, require moving things from place to place. Self storage gives couples extra time to sort through things. Also, a divorce or death can cause one to seek a temporary home for household belongings. Self storage is a cost effective solution in these situations as well.

Remodeling a home

Major renovations take a lot of work and a ton of space. To make sure home remodeling goes smoothly, many people choose to free up space through self storage. Temporarily relocating furniture to a storage unit keeps it safe and out of the way.

Downsizing a home

Homeowners may choose to downsize for a number of reasons. Transitioning from a larger home to a smaller one can be a difficult process. It can be tricky to find a new place for belongings which are not needed on a daily basis. Some people rent a self storage unit to store oversized furniture and keepsakes. Also, a self storage unit allows them to keep their new, smaller place free of clutter.

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