4 Common Types Of Self Storage Units

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It is not difficult to find a self storage unit to fit your specific needs. Most facilities have a wide variety of units with different sizes and features. Whether you need to store extra business files or protect family heirlooms, there is a self storage unit for you. Read on to learn about the different types of units available to rent, including outdoor units, business storage units, and boat storage.

Outdoor storage units

The most common and most affordable self storage units are located outdoors. These units are not typically climate controlled. Some outdoor facilities offer 24/7 access and security features such as gates only accessible through a passcode. Consequently, most items will be fine in an outdoor self storage unit. However, if you are storing valuables that may be sensitive to the elements, you may want to look into an indoor unit.

Self storage units for businesses

Many business owners need extra space to store a variety of things that would otherwise clutter up valuable office space. A clean office is necessary for serving clients and cutting out frustration. Many businesses turn to a self storage facility to stay organized. Some facilities even offer business plans that provide file boxes to help you store important documents.

Self storage for trucks and cars

If you plan to travel or if you lack space in your garage, you should consider renting a self storage unit for your vehicles. There are units large enough to store cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Safely storing your vehicle can give you some peace of mind as you travel.

Self storage units for boats

Many boat owners do not have the necessary space to store their boats at home. Self storage units often go up to over 200 square feet in size, depending on your specific needs. These units are an excellent choice for boats, water sport vehicles, and any other aquatic equipment you own. Some facilities even have special options and features for boats.

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