Self Storage Tips: 4 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Self Storage Unit

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Self storage is often a necessary solution for families in need of extra space to store items they don’t use everyday. If an item is important enough to store, then you likely want to take good care of it. You should know how to care for your self storage unit in order to keep your items in the best shape possible. Below are four self storage tips to make the most out of your self storage unit.

Keep your unit clean

It would be tough to remember where you put the items in your self storage unit if it is kept in disarray. Keep the entryway clear of debris and organize your area so you can make sure everything stays put and remains secure. It is best not to store items with an expiration date. Also, do not store any edible items as they may attract insects and mice. Keeping your unit clean will eliminate spots for pests to thrive.

Pay storage dues on time

Many people lose their self storage units, along with the items they contain, because they forgot to make their payments. Self storage facilities vary in the way they accept dues, but many offer flexible payment plans. Often, self storage facilities allow you to pay several months in advance. If you get behind, catch up as soon as possible since there may be a chance to save your unit and personal items.

Check on your self storage unit often

Some of the neighbors surrounding your storage unit may not be as respectful as you are and could try to tamper with your things. Also, there is a possibility of a thief or wild animal gaining entrance to your unit. Check on your items as often as you can to make sure they are secure and have not been disturbed. The passage of time alone can cause havoc to your things. Checking on your unit often can help you spot issues before it is too late.

Respect other units at the facility

Always be respectful of other’s property. People seek self storage facilities for convenient and safe storage. If you want your items to remain safe, it is important to pay the same courtesy to others. Never tamper with a unit, even if it looks like it may be abandoned. Some self storage facilities have serious penalties for vandalizing or stealing from other units.

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