4 Tips For Handling Belongings After The Loss Of A Parent

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When a parent passes away, it can lead you to a great feeling of loss and devastation. Many times, the belongings that the parent leaves behind can cause you to feel confusion and possibly frustration. You may not know what to do with the items you or others have inherited. There are a few steps you can follow to help you find comfort and take care of the last wishes and belongings of the person who has passed.

Make arrangements for the funeral

Sometimes, a parent has left instructions and perhaps pre-paid for their funeral and burial plot. You will need to see if there is paperwork in your parent’s belongings regarding funeral arrangements. If one of your parents is still alive, be gentle as they work through their grief, but offer to help them. The loss of a spouse sometimes makes it difficult for the person to know what they should do next. Before you consider self storage for any items, be sure any legal documents regarding last wishes are in your possession.

Follow the will

If you have been named as the executor of your parents’ will, then you must follow their last wishes in respect to belongings and inheritance. You will want to look into state law and may even need to get a lawyer to manage probate if there is no will. If you have siblings or know of other people that your parent gave belongings to, then do your best to work calmly through the situation. Sometimes family conflict is amplified when there is a death to work through. It can help you and others to focus on the good memories you have about the parent, instead of the things they left behind.

Selling a home

A parent who passes away will often leave behind a home and the belongings within. You may consider selling the house as quickly as possible because of the need to distribute inheritance or the ongoing cost of maintaining the property. This is another area where a professional such as an attorney or a real estate agent can give you great advice. You may want to consult with a certified public accountant to get information on any taxes you may owe once you sell the property. If you need to remove belongings before or after you sell the house, consider renting a self storage unit to keep furniture and other items safe.

Another reason you may want to consider storage rental is the emotional toll it takes to go through a deceased parent’s belongings. Keeping items in self storage can give you the time to go through them as you work through your grief.

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