4 Tips For Getting Your Items Storage Ready

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Self storage provides an effective and simple way to store items such as books, clothes, paperwork, furniture, old memorabilia, appliances, and much more. Whether you need self storage for a short period of time or for a long-term situation, there are some things you can do to better prepare your items for storage. These four tips for making your items storage ready will help ensure that your items stay in top condition.

Invest in a clothes rail and protective covers

When summer is over and winter hits, you might choose to keep your summer clothes in a self storage unit. If you intend to store these clothes in your unit, you should refrain from folding them up and putting as much as you can in one container. It would be best to invest in a clothes rail, which is great for trousers, dresses, and tops. Hanging clothes on a clothes rail will ensure that they will be mostly wrinkle-free by the time summer comes around again. For expensive clothes, a protective cover may also be necessary to help keep them fresh and clean in self storage.

Protect each piece of furniture

Protecting each item is best when keeping furniture in a self storage unit. Surfaces should be cleaned with a gentle solution of soap and water. You should also consider protecting any wood finishes with a coat of wax.

Fabric chairs, mattresses, and sofas need to be cleaned as well to prevent mildew and mold. Fabric furniture pieces should be cleaned with warm water and an antibacterial cleanser solution. Be sure to let this fabric furniture air dry.

It is best to leave the cleaning to professionals when it comes to leather or delicate furniture pieces. Overall, be sure to cover each piece of furniture to prevent scratches and dust while it is kept in self storage.

Prevent glass from shattering

Mark an “X” on mirrors and glass tabletops using masking tape. This tape prevents glass from shattering further if broken. Bubble wrap is also a good choice for smaller, fragile items going into self storage.

Keep books in acid-free boxes

Your books are best kept in acid-free boxes. These boxes ensure that pages inside the books don’t become weakened. Always pack the heavier books first so that they are at the bottom of the box. Packing this way will prevent weakening or bending the lighter books in self storage.

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