5 Supplies That Make Using Self Storage Easy

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Once you have chosen a self storage unit for your belongings, there are five packing and storage supplies you should purchase. These items will make the organization, packing, and storage of your items go smoothly. Shelves, boxes, packing materials, tape, and locks are essential items for preparing and storing items safely.

Consider setting up shelves

If you purchase shelves and set them up in your self storage unit, you will find that it is much easier to organize and store your belongings. Shelving makes boxes and items more accessible. Instead of stumbling around inside your self storage unit trying to find something you need, you can go directly to the shelves that you have organized. You should check with the self storage facility to see if they have shelving available or you can purchase it used to save money. It is important to take measurements before you buy shelving to make sure it will fit properly inside the unit.

Use boxes to safely store your items

It may be tempting to just throw your stuff into a trash bag and toss it into your storage unit. However, this method creates a disorganized mess when you try to locate an item. You should consider packing your items into boxes instead. It is much easier to store boxes, especially because they fit well on top of each other. Boxes may also be labeled with what you have packed inside them, making it easy to find something if you need it. Boxes protect your items better than a trash bag or using nothing at all. Most self storage facilities will use pest control and other safety measures, but your items will be safer inside a box in any storage unit. You may purchase new moving boxes at many locations, such as your storage facility and some home improvement stores. If you are on a budget, check with your local grocery store or liquor store for free boxes. These businesses often save boxes and give them away if you ask for no charge.

Do not forget the packing materials

Saving old newspapers will help you when it is time to pack your things. Crumpled newspaper fits well between awkwardly shaped items and creates a cushion of protection within the box. You may want to wrap some of your things with the newspaper for extra protection before you pack them. Plastic packing material is also something that is worth buying to protect fragile or valuable dishes and furniture.

Use tape to secure boxes

Nearly everyone knows that a roll of duct tape can be used for almost any need, and that includes securing your boxes after they have been filled. Clear tape, which is typically two inches wide, is also available for purchase to use for the same purpose. Some people like to just fold the box flaps so that they interlock. However, taping the boxes shut is a better way protect the items inside.

Choose the right lock for enhanced security

Even though self storage companies provide much in the way of security, you still want to do your part to keep your belongings safe. You need to select a lock to secure the door to your storage unit. Not just any lock will do, however. There are three different kinds of locks that are the most secure and almost impossible for someone to break. Closed shackle padlocks, cylinder locks, and disc locks are nearly indestructible and will keep your items safe from theft and tampering.

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