6 Items To Take Out Of Your Self Storage Unit

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If you have a self storage unit, it should be temporary and only include items that you will use again. There is no sense to keep a self storage unit for items that you will never use. Below are some tips on items worth keeping and items that you should take out of your self storage unit. These items can include clothing, toys, furniture, collectibles, gadgets, and memorabilia.


If you are storing clothing, use this rule: If you haven’t worn it in two years, get rid of it. Chances are, by the time you are ready to wear the clothing, it will probably be out of style. Instead, donate this clothing to a second-hand store such as Goodwill. If you have several pieces and they are still in good shape, you can take it to a consignment shop for some value.


Do not keep children’s toys in a self storage unit unless they are antiques that are worth passing down to another generation. If your youngster has passed the age of enjoying the toy, give it or sell it to someone who will get value from it, at a bargain price.


Don’t store furniture in your self storage unit unless it is a collectible item or an antique. Broken furniture should either be fixed or discarded. Storing does nothing but take up valuable space in your self storage unit. If you are unsure whether your item is valuable or not, take photos of the furniture to a consignment or antique shop.


Do you have a collection of items such as a doll collection, baseball card collection or other group of items? Go on the internet or specialty shop to determine if there is any value to the collection. Don’t just store these items in your self storage unit where they can be forgotten. Find out what the value is before you just discard the collectibles or donate them. Some items, which can seem worthless to you, may actually be very valuable to another collector.


That’s right, toss the out-of-date computers, cell phones, old Beta and VCRs (as neither format has been made in years). These items do nothing but take up space, and chances are they have no value.


Family memorabilia will certainly be important to you, but having trucks and trunks of it will only add to the clutter of your self storage unit. The better idea is to gather all the memorabilia you have and sit down with family members and divvy it up. By going through this process, you are sharing the memories that are most important with other members of the family.

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