6 tips for an easy move

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Let’s face it, moving is a part of life, but Sparky is here to help with 6 quick tips to make your move as easy as possible.

Moving Mail1. Change your address 2 weeks before the move

Not only do you need to let the USPS know to forward your mail by filling out the necessary form HERE, you also need to update your address for other services such as

  • Prescriptions
  • Amazon or other online shopping accounts
  • Magazine subscriptions

Moving nail holes

2. Use soap to repair nails holes

Use soap or toothpaste to quickly fill in nail holes without having to make an extra trip to the hardware store. This might be especially important for renters who want to get all of their deposit back.

3. Press n’ Seal is your friend

  • Use it to hold the content of drawers in place (you can also turn the drawer hardware inside out and tape the drawers shut )
  • Keep jewelry displays organized by using the Press n’ Seal to hold everything in place

Moving furniture4. Take apart large furniture whenever possible

You should brake down large furniture into pieces that can be reassembled at the other end to make things easier on your back and also on your brain as you play Tetris packing everything into the moving van. Be sure to keep all the small pieces in labeled sandwich bags so that nothing gets lost.

Moving plastic wrap

5. Use plastic stretch wrap

You can group boxes or other items together and protect furniture from nicks and scratches.

Moving the fridge6. Defrost the fridge

You should defrost the fridge at least 1 day before you leave. Remember to wipe up the water so it doesn’t create a mess.

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