7 Common Self Storage Questions And Answers

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There are plenty of reasons to look into self storage. Chances are you have more things than you have space. Here are seven of the most common self storage question and answers that will help you pick the best option for your situation.

How much does self storage cost?

Some self storage locations offer low introductory rates for the first month of service. These facilities will likely raise your rate to the current prices before the second payment. Make sure to ask for current full prices when comparing costs.

Typically, the larger the unit, the higher the price. Some factors to consider include indoor or outdoor units, first floor units and units with 24 hour access. All of these options will affect your price.

What size units are available?

Most self storage facilities will be able to offer units ranging from about a 5 foot by 5 foot unit to a 10 foot by 25 foot unit. If you need a much larger size unit, to store a car or a boat, be sure to ask when calling for prices.

Is insurance needed for self storage?

Make sure to call your homeowners insurance company to see if self storage is included in your coverage. If it is not, you may be able to purchase insurance at the self storage facility you choose. Make sure to ask if the specific items you are storing are covered under the policy.

How long can you rent a self storage unit?

Typically, self storage units are rented by the month. Be sure to ask the facility you choose about their rental terms.

What happens if you miss a payment?

If you miss a payment, the actions that are taken depend on your contract. In some cases, if you fail to pay your rent on time, the self storage facility has the right to sell the belongings in your unit at auction.

Can anything be stored in a self storage unit?

Almost any item can be stored in self storage. Some examples include cars, boats, books, furniture, clothing, business papers, and more. There are regulations against storing live animals and most contracts state that you cannot live in your unit.

How is the security at a self storage facility?

Depending on the facility you choose, the location of your unit and the level of protection they offer, security can vary from facility to facility. Padlocks can be broken into, so try to choose a self storage facility with additional security features.

Sparky’s Storage Solutions, located in Southwest Amarillo just off of 45th and Coulter, offers security features including recorded surveillance as well as an access controlled gate. We have units ranging from 5 x 5 to 10 x 20 to cater to all of your self storage needs. To learn more about our facility, give us a call at (806) 353-9500 or Contact Us via email. You can stop by our location in person at 7550 Golden Pond Place in Amarillo, Texas.

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