8 Helpful Tips For Using Self Storage Units

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You may be renting a self storage unit for one of many different reasons, including just needing more space. There are several ways to safely store your items in self storage. If you are going to rent a unit every month, you should protect your investment. The following are 8 tips to help you get the most out of self storage while protecting your belongings.

Use pallets to elevate your items

One of the most important tips for protecting items in self storage is keeping them off the floor. There is no way to guarantee that melting snow or a spill from an adjacent self storage unit will not creep under your unit’s door. If you are storing fabric items like sofas or mattresses, you can never be too safe. Elevate all of your items on pallets to keep them from having contact with the floor.

Wrap what you can

Wrap the items in your self storage unit with industrial plastic wrap. Taking the time to properly wrap your things will ensure dust and insects won’t cause damage. Wrap delicate items such as glasses or mirrors in bubble wrap as well. These types of packing materials can often be purchased at the storage facility for reduced rates.

Use a strong lock

Most self storage facilities have security cameras and gates that require passcode access, but it still important to secure your unit with a strong lock. Purchase an all-weather padlock with a short arm. The short arm on the padlock will ensure bolt cutters cannot slide in and slice it open.

Label your items

Even though you know what you are placing in your self storage unit, it is still important to label your belongings. Labeling your items will prevent a struggle when it comes to moving them out if you need them. You will likely forget exactly what is in each box or move in a few months time, so labeling can help you stay organized.

Plan for changes in temperature

One of the best tips we can give to protect your belongings is to be aware of their temperature requirements. There are several items you might store that are sensitive to cold or heat. These items should be double wrapped or insulated. Some items should not be stored at all. You must take extra care if you are storing electronics, old photos, or vinyl.

Prepare for winter

Most self storage facilities are built in such a way that water drains away from unit doors. Large ice sticks and ice patches may still form outside a self storage unit door in the winter. These obstacles make it nearly impossible for you to get to your things without risking injury. Carry sand, cat litter, or sheets of plywood to dissolve ice and help you get to your things safely.

Protect your self storage unit

Protecting your items inside the self storage unit is important, but it is also necessary to protect the unit itself. You can be fined if you scar the unit while you are a tenant. If you use your unit for something like furniture flipping and restoration, use plastic on the walls to prevent damage.

Make the most of your space by stacking

Even a small self storage unit can hold a large number of items if you pack it correctly. Use your space wisely by packing things all the way to the ceiling. You may consider bringing plywood to lay across several boxes as a way to stabilize the layers as you stack.

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