9 tips for moving in the summer

9 tips for moving in the summer

Most moves take place during the months when school is out of session, aka the summer. Here in the Texas Panhandle the weather can be a bit unpredictable, but no matter how much hail or high speed winds we get, the summer is still hot. So, if you have to move in the heat, follow these 9 tips to make sure everyone makes it to the end in one piece.

Book early

Since summer is a busy time of year for movers and storage facilities, plan ahead and book services early to make sure you don’t miss out on the help you need.

Avoid the hottest hours

Avoid loading and unloading during the hottest hours of the day. Try to arrange things so that you get the more tiring activities done early in the morning or in the cool of the evening.

Wear a hat

Even if it isn’t the hottest time of the day, you should still take precautions to protect yourself from the sun. Wearing a hat is an easy way to keep the heat from directly hitting your head.

Get cooling towels

If it is especially hot, you might want to invest cooling towels to prevent anyone from overheating. These work by just soaking them in cold water for a few minutes. The towels will stay cool, and can be worn around the neck.

Wear sunscreen

In order to prevent sun burns be sure to have everyone in your group wear sunscreen. Sun burns are not only painful, they can drain you of energy and make you ill. That is the last thing you need during a move, so grease up.

Stay hydrated

If we have said it once we have said it a thousand times, stay hydrated! This is especially true in the summer. Since you may be sweating a lot, in addition to water you may also want to have a sport drinks on hand such as gatorade, but avoid sodas and alcohols.

Keep pets cool

If you have pets, they will need to be protected from the heat as well. Make sure they are never left in a vehicle and that they always have access to water.

Protect heat sensitive items

You also need a plan for heat sensitive items such as photos, paintings, and candles which can be damaged very quickly. The likelihood of damage is increased by high levels of humidity. Sensitive items should be kept in an air conditioned vehicle or moved when the sun is not fully up in order to prevent exposure to extreme heat.

Don’t push too hard

Moving in the summer is especially exhausting for everyone involved. It is important not to push yourself or your family too hard. Plan wisely so that everyone can relax at the end of the day even if the unpacking isn’t done yet.

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