The Best Storage Solution For College Students

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It is crazy to think everything you own will fit nicely into a tiny college dorm room. Also, don’t forget you will have roommate with plenty of their own stuff as well. Chances are you will be competing against one another for the room’s precious storage space.

Renting a self storage unit might be the best solution. You can even contact your roommate prior to the start of the semester to see if they may want to share the storage unit with you. Below are some back-to-school storage tips that will make the process hassle free.

Finding the right self storage facility

The pricing of a self storage unit is mostly based on the size of the space you are looking to rent. Some local self storage facilities can offer great rates for college students at the beginning of the school year.

Choosing a self storage unit size

The first order of business is deciding what size self storage unit best fits your needs. Remember, that you will need to be able to navigate through the storage unit while loading and unloading boxes. For example, a 5×5 unit can hold as many items as a walk-in closet, while a 5×10 unit is better suited for larger pieces of furniture. Most storage unit’s ceilings are high, which is ideal to stacking boxes vertically.

Understanding the amenities provided by the self storage facility

Usually, self storage unit leases run on a monthly basis rather than a full year’s commitment. This type of lease provides much-needed financial flexibility for the user. Read the agreement carefully before signing your name on the dotted line. If you are unsure on the amenities provided by the facility, don’t be shy to ask for a clearer definition.

The best self storage facilities provide excellent security on the premise. This security can include multiple surveillance cameras, a private access code or keycard entry system and 24-hour guards. College students maintain odd hours between attending classes, studying and having an active social life, so they need a sense of security.

Ask these important questions before renting: Does the self storage facility offer 24-hour access to your unit? Is there drive-up capability to load and unload your possessions into the unit? Get satisfactory answers to these questions before an agreement is met. After completing the paperwork, make sure to write the unit number and security gate access code on the facility’s business card before leaving.

Preparing your possessions for the self storage unit

Certain personal possessions need a little preparation before they can be placed into a self storage unit. A great example is a mini-refrigerator, which needs to be defrosted and cleaned-out before going into a storage unit. This process will help to prevent mold from developing inside the appliance, as the odds increase if left untreated.

Pack your schoolbooks in a heavy-duty plastic crate. Using a large cardboard box is a complete waste of time because the bottom of the box often comes apart due to the weight.

Sparky’s Storage Solutions in Amarillo, Texas can assist you with all of your self storage needs. We have a variety of long-term options, in case you need a safe location to store your valuables for the upcoming school year. We offer state-of-the-art self storage units with an access controlled gate complete with closed circuit video surveillance to make sure your items are safe. Call us today at (806) 353-9500 or Contact Us via email for more information. You can also visit our location at 7550 Golden Pond Place in Amarillo.

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