Business storage: 3 benefits of self-storage

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One of the most overlooked aspects of self-storage is the benefits it offers to businesses. Specifically, small to medium-sized businesses that have to seriously consider the cost of office space. As always, Sparky’s is here with 3 ways self-storage can help your business.

1. Get some breathing roomClear out space for your business

As you grow your business, it is inevitable for things to collect around the office. Whether it is boxes of financial documents that you have to keep for several years, seasonal decorations or even extra office supplies that you won’t need for a while, it all takes up space. And if you are paying for space by the square foot, it is space that could be utilized to improve your business instead of holding boxes.

2. Security for your business assets

Security for your business assets

We all know the importance of security. At Sparky’s your unit is protected by 24/7 CCTV surveillance, perimeter fencing, and coded entry gates. Our staff also does daily walkthroughs through our facilities to make sure nothing is amiss, so you can have peace of mind without having to have everything underfoot.

3. Month-to-month payments, no contracts

Pay only for what your business needs

Sometimes you just need a place to store some overstock or hold things temporarily while you move offices. Self-storage could be the perfect solution. Instead of paying warehousing fees, you can rent a unit that is the right size and for only the months you need.

Bonus: Self-storage at Sparky’s also includes dust and climate-control options, so that you can pick the best unit to meet your business needs. For more information you can visit Sparky’s Storage Solutions online at or in person at 7550 Golden Pond Pl. off 45th Ave. and Coulter. You can also call us at 806-353-9500 to talk with one of our staff right here in Amarillo.

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