Choosing The Right Self Storage Unit Size In 4 Easy Steps

Choosing The Right Self Storage Unit Size In 4 Easy Steps

Selecting the right self storage unit size for your personal or professional belongings ensures you get the space you need. When you underestimate the amount of storage you need, you may end up cramming items into the unit. This increases the risk of items toppling and makes it difficult to find anything. When you overestimate the amount of storage you need, you pay more than you should. Taking the time to evaluate your self storage needs is key for choosing the proper unit size.

Take inventory of the items going into self storage

Organize the items you plan to store in your unit. Packing as many items as possible into boxes or bins will make it easier to calculate your required storage accurately. Once you have collected and packed your belongings, make an inventory. Measure and record the dimensions for all of your boxes or bins and any other items that you are storing.

Depending on the amount of items you are storing and how long you will be storing them, it may be helpful to create a potential storage layout before you get to the unit. This process will give you a better understanding of the amount of storage you need and save time getting the unit loaded.

Consider short-term vs. long-term self storage

If you are planning to store belongings on a short-term basis, such as in between moves or during a semester abroad, most likely the layout of the unit isn’t a high priority. When you don’t need to access your items while they are in storage, focus on storing as much as you can safely into as little space as possible.

If you are planning to store belongings on a long-term basis, you will want to consider the layout more carefully. Take the time to place more frequently used belongings near the front of the unit. You should also leave paths in between the piles of boxes or shelves. This organization will save you a lot of time and hassle.

Visit the self storage facility

Picturing units in different sizes is often difficult, especially if you are new to self storage. If you are getting hung up looking at varying storage sizes and guidelines on self storage websites, visit a facility in person. Viewing the space for yourself tends to be easier than trying to picture it in your head.

Consult with a self storage expert

If you are still unsure how much space you need, consult with a self storage expert. Employees at a self storage facility usually have more experience in the industry and are more than happy to help customers select the right units. Even when you are in a hurry, it’s worth the extra effort to get the right size unit to minimize the risk of wasting money or damaging your belongings.

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