Consider Self Storage For Your Extra Business Inventory

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A cramped workspace can disrupt daily business practices and make it difficult to expand. Too often businesses have tiny storage rooms that cannot hold enough inventory, documents, and other items. Before you decide to rent a larger office space, take the time to consider other storage options. A self storage facility is a cost effective solution. You can gain extra space for inventory, without making a huge financial commitment. The following are some factors you should consider before visiting a self storage facility.

When you should consider self storage for your business

This topic usually comes up because most local businesses are holding too much inventory. Renting a self storage unit for your business can save money while allowing you to stay at your current location. If you have boxes upon boxes of product taking up valuable office space, then renting a self storage unit could be the right choice for your business. Self storage facilities will help you choose a unit based on the amount of inventory you have.

How to choose a self storage unit size

First, you need to determine how your inventory can be stored. Consider if it can be stacked or if the product is too awkwardly shaped for this type of organization. If you are able, place your inventory in storage containers and stack them together to measure how much unit space is actually needed to store them.

Some companies have seasonal products that are only available to customers during peak sales periods. A self storage unit is ideal for storing winter and summer inventory until it is ready to hit the marketplace. A self storage facility is also perfect for businesses that strictly have an online sales market.

Before you move your inventory to your storage unit, carefully label each box. This will make locating your products simple and quick. Determining how long you are going to house your inventory in a self storage unit is essential in deciding what type of access you need. For example, consider if you can store your inventory on a second floor or if a first floor outdoor unit is necessary for your business.

Visiting a self storage facility

Before committing to renting a unit, it is smart to visit a self storage facility to see the space in person. This is better than trying to picture the unit either in your head or seeing online photos. The staff at the self storage facility can help you determine which unit has the most space to hold your inventory.

The level of security can vary at each self storage facility due to location, on-site policy, and rental cost. Most security systems are not totally foolproof, but you will need some important features that should not be negotiable. Renters should have access to their unit 365 days a year. Getting on the premise should not be an easy task. All self storage facilities should have an access controlled gate-opening system and a multi-closed-circuit surveillance camera system that monitors the entire property. The facility you choose should be well lit so when you are visiting your unit or moving inventory late at night you can see properly. All of these features will help to keep your business inventory safe.

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