Creative Ways To Use Your Self Storage Unit

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There are a lot of reasons why people may need to rent a self storage unit. Families may downsize their living space and no longer have the same amount of storage available. Many people need to store valuables and treasures collected over the years. Whatever the reason, self storage units are a great place to keep items you don’t often use, but that you want to keep safe.

There are other great reasons to use self storage units besides storing your household possessions. You can keep art materials, equipment, and supplies in self storage units and even use them as a second closet or library.

Keep art materials, equipment, and supplies in a self storage unit

Photographers and artists need space to create their work and a storage unit is the perfect place to store items that are not needed often. For many artists, having a clear work space with only the necessary materials and equipment is a must.

A self storage unit can work for any type of crafter as well. Some crafters create their own work, while others work with someone else. Whichever your style is, a storage unit gives you the space to store all the items that may get in the way of your work space. You can store your art supplies and other items, as well as finished products, and can even share a unit with a partner. There will be no reason to split up crafting materials between two locations if there is enough room for two people to work in one area.

Use a self storage unit as a second closet

Many people live in areas that have changing seasons. The weather changes mean that people must put away warm clothes and cooler clothes at some time during the year. A self storage unit will not work for a second closet of clothing that is frequently worn. However, using the unit as a closet will work great for clothing that will be stored for many months.

Imagine having the room to put away all those bulky sweaters and coats, boots, mittens, and all the heavy clothing needed to stay warm during the winter. A self storage unit can even hold all the fun items we use for winter as well, including sleds, skates, and snowboards. Summer weather also has its own wardrobe and array of toys that could be tucked away until the season changes and you can use them again.

A self storage unit can be used as a library

Lining a self storage unit with shelves can turn it into a small library. Many people have too many books that they do not want to part with, but that are hard to store in a home. Using a storage unit as a library will allow you to keep your books, and in an organized manner.

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