Direct sunlight is bad for your belongings

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Storing belongings in direct sunlight is almost always a bad idea.

Quick tip: Direct sunlight is bad for your belongings

First, sunlight causes fading, not only of soft goods but also on furniture and hard surfaces. It is likely one part of your item will be noticeably faded after a season in storage.  However, the result will depend on the time of year, geographic location, and how shadows are cast.

Sunlight also cause spikes in heat which can damage items. For instance, the threads in clothing, linens, and even rugs can be damage and begin to decay after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Finally, sunlight releases moisture into the air which can increase the chance of mold and mildew.

So, avoid storing items in direct sunlight, and look for more quick tips on our Facebook page, Instagram, and on the Sparky’s blog.


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