Downsizing? Here are 5 tips to make it a success

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There are several reasons one might choose to downsize, but regardless of the reason, downsizing is often an especially difficult move. It requires more planning and thought than a normal move, and it can  often be hard emotionally. However, you don’t have be overwhelmed, here are 5 tips to help make your downsize a success.

1. Don’t be rushed

Downsizing - Don't be rushed

Downsizing doesn’t just mean a smaller living space, it means sorting through your possessions and making wise decisions about what can be kept and what must go. This requires thought and consideration. Of course, some items can and should be donated to charitable organizations, but others need to be sold or perhaps given to family members. Plan ahead and give yourself time for garage sales or for selling online.

2. Take inventory

Downsizing - Take inventory

Not everything can make the move to the new home. As you sort through possessions, you will be forced to make hard decisions. Lifehacker recommends asking the question “what would I replace if it were all gone?” Of course, there will be heirlooms and sentimental items that must be kept, but don’t keep things just because you might possibly need them in the future.

3. Think utility

Downsizing - Think utility

Avoid storage bins and boxes if your can. As you sort through what will make the move to the new house, keep an eye to utility. A common area of excess is in the kitchen. Multiple knife sets, dish sets, and table decorations may be unnecessary. Storage might also be limited at the new house. Therefore, do your best to use items that are multipurpose, for instance: furniture with hidden space for storage.

4. Measure and plan

Downsizing - Measure and plan

Once you have narrowed down the items you want to move, take a hard look at your new space and plan which items will go in each room. Be sure to measure the space to make sure furniture will actually fit without making things claustrophobic. This may be a harsh reality check, but the last thing you want is to move more than the space can hold.

5. Don’t ignore the human side of downsizing

Downsizing - the human side

Whether you are moving yourself or someone else, the process of downsizing can be not only stressful, but emotionally draining. Parting with long held possessions can leave everyone raw. The Spruce points out that you should keep in mind that the goal is simplification, not getting rid of everything you hold dear. If you are moving a relative, be patient and kind.

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