Ensure You Don’t Lose The Keepsakes You Have In Self Storage

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No matter what you lose due to theft, it hurts to know someone has taken something away from you that was yours. Whether it’s someone stealing your wallet or someone breaks into your house and steals all of your valuables, you feel violated and devastated. Falling victim to someone stealing your items from a self storage unit compounds those feelings. After all, you thought you were safely storing your items for the future. The following are some ways to ensure you don’t lose the keepsakes you have in self storage.

Be proactive when choosing a self storage facility

Just as you would take precautions to protect your home, be proactive and take precautions to protect your self storage unit. When you choose a self storage unit, make sure you check out the facility’s security measures. Call ahead and ask the manager what features their storage facility offers to keep your property safe. The most important security feature that you need to ask about is video surveillance technology. A lot of would-be thieves are chased away when they see the property is protected by video surveillance. Access control systems are your safest units to rent as they require an individual have access codes to even enter the facility.

Visit the facility to make sure those features are actually in place before you begin moving your keepsakes to the site. Also, make sure that the self storage area is well lit.

Adding your own individual door alarm will put an additional layer of security to your self storage unit. Keep your valuable items towards the back of the unit as thieves will grab from the front in most cases. Some self storage facilities will even allow you to use your own lock. If you can obtain one of your own, purchase one that will hold up to bolt cutters.

Pay your rental fees for your self storage unit

Another type of loss with self storage keepsakes occurs if you do not pay your bills. If you know you are having trouble making payments, contact the storage facility and try to work out a payment arrangement. If the facility is not able to work with you on an arrangement, attend the auction if you know when it will take place.

The self storage facility will seldom take the time to sort through your keepsakes before they auction them. If personal items are found, sometimes the buyer will return it to the storage facility because they have no use for someone else’s photos or personal papers. Check back with the facility after the auction as see if any of your keepsakes have been returned.

To avoid this auction process from happening, make sure you can pay your rental fee each month, depending on your lease terms.

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