How To Ensure Your Items Are Safe In Self Storage After A Move

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A self storage facility is a great answer for those looking to safely store nonessential items after a move. A typical self storage facility may be filled with furniture, files, computer equipment, seasonal items, heirlooms or property that is taking up space at home. It may be easy to find a self storage facility in your area, but you should find one that can ensure the safety of your property.

Check the security offered by the self storage facility

Renting from a self storage facility that will safely protect your property is as important as protecting your home with an alarm system. Little data is available on self storage unit burglaries, but they have gained a lot of attention since TV shows like Storage Wars and Auction Hunters. The added attention may put the safety of your self storage facility at risk.

You should be thorough when selecting a self storage facility to avoid having to replace your property due to theft. Before you sign your property to the care of a self storage facility, review all the listed security features. If possible, visit the facility in person to ensure the advertised security is actually in place.

You should verify that both indoor and outdoor areas of the self storage facility are well lit. Ask the manager or owner of the facility if they have a relationship with the local police and whether or not the police monitor the area. Video surveillance is another great form of security and can often ward off thieves.

Provide some of your own security to the unit

Individual door alarms will give you an additional layer of protection. The alarms can alert operators of the self storage facility when an unauthorized entry is attempted to your unit. Door alarms are also great protection against the possibility of another tenant trying to get to your items.

Choosing the right lock is also an important way to protect your property. A self storage facility will typically let you choose your own lock, so choose a key that doesn’t have a long shackle. It is best to choose a disk or cylinder lock as they are difficult to cut.

Another step you can take to protect your most valuable items is to place them in the back of your self storage unit. Normally, if a thief breaks in, they will grab what is visible and are quick to get out. Thieves are not likely to go through your items to determine value, so hiding the most valuable items in the back will help protect them.

Other ways to protect your stored property

Damage to your items can make them useless or worthless. Keep your property off the floor in case an adjoining self storage unit experiences a spill or rain comes underneath the door. Pallets are a great way to keep your property from directly coming into contact with the floor.

Commonly, a self storage facility will offer pest control, but it is impossible to keep everything out. Wrap valuables in plastic as an added security measure against dust, insects or any crawling critters. Double wrapping or insulating items that don’t work as well cold could save them. For example, electronics, photographs or old vinyl records will benefit from wrapping.

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