Essential Moving Day Supplies

Essential Moving Day Supplies

Whether you are moving across the country or across town, moving day can be one of the most stressful, chaotic, exhausting and rewarding experiences. There are tons of videos and blogs talking about how to pack and prepare for a move, but today, we want to focus on the specific things you need on the day. So here is our list of essential moving day supplies.

The basics

Basic moving day supplies

Let’s start with the most obvious items you will need. These include tape (especially packing tape), good scissors, a sharpie for last minute labels, and paper or a notebook for any notes you may need to make or temporary signs you may need to put up.


Beyond the regular supplies, you should also have basic tools on hand. These include screwdrivers, hex keys, pliers, nails, a hammer etc. You should also have a bright, dependable flashlight on hand to peer into tight spaces and in the event you get caught moving at night or there are issues with electricity.

Food and water

Moving can really wear on your body. So, it is important to prevent dehydration. That means you need to have water readily available. This is true even if it is not a hot day. Your body is still receiving a work out and needs water. It is also important to make sure you have something in your stomach. During a move you might eat late or even skip entire meals, limit the negative effects of this by bringing snacks you can munch on throughout the day. For tips on moving day snacks, read this.

What to wear


When it comes to what you should wear, there are few things you should consider. Moving boxes and furniture can quickly take a toll on your hands. You can prevent this by wearing gloves. You don’t need anything fancy, in fact, thin, cheap mechanical gloves will work well.

You should also wear comfortable shoes that have a lot of grip. A good set of tennis shoes should work, but in bad weather you may need to upgrade to work boots.


Don’t forget to protect your skin. Even if it isn’t a really sunny day, you will be outside a lot, so prevent an unnecessary sunburn by wearing sunscreen, especially on your face.

Phone pouch

Something that is often overlooked is what you will do with your phone during the move. It is too easy for a phone to slip out of your pocket and break, so consider wearing a phone pouch or clip that will hold your phone in place throughout the whole day.


Speaker, phone cord

Speaking of phones, you will need your phone charger (it may seem obvious, but don’t accidentally pack it). And, if you like to listen to music while loading and unpacking, also keep a small bluetooth speaker along with its charger, of course. In the event there will be multiple people needing to charge devices, have a power strip on hand.

Cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies are also a must. Not only will you have a few last minute things to clean at your old place, you may also need to clean your new space before you start unpacking. To this end, you will need paper towels, sponges, an all-purpose cleaner, hand soap, and glass cleaner.

Overnight bag

Overnight bag

Even if you are able to start the unpacking process on the first day, it makes sense to pack an overnight bag for each member of the family. We recommend having a change of clothes, pajamas, toiletries, and a towel. This will allow you to get cleaned up and ready for bed the first night without having to dig through boxes.


Pillows and bedding

To this same end you should have some clean bedding and pillows set aside for the first night. Depending on the weather and situation, this may just be sheets for everyone or maybe it is sleeping bags. The goal is to make sure everyone can get to sleep the first night even if the packing is not done and beds are not completely put together.

First-aid kit

First-aid kit

Finally, you should always have a first-aid kit available during a move. There are so many things that can happen, from falls to cuts. Having a first-aid kit means you can treat minor wounds without having to run to a store for bandaids.

If you found this article useful, you may also want to check out our list of 13 packing hacks for your next move. We hope this guide helps make your moving day go smoothly and safely. If you have any comments or suggestions, we would be love to hear from you on the Sparky’s Facebook page, by phone at (806) 353-9500, or via email.