Holiday help in the form of self storage

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The holidays can be a crazy time of year. To help keep you from tearing your hair out, we have 3 ways self storage can help you this season.

1. Get clutter out of the way

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There are several reasons you might need choose to move things out of the way during the holidays. For instance a Christmas tree can take up a lot of space. It may help to place some items in storage to keep things from feeling cramped. The same may be true of other decorations that may need room to properly shine. Another thing to consider is holiday guests. While you may be able to comfortably move about normally, added guests might make things grow quickly suffocating. You can use a self storage unit to get some unneeded furniture and other items out of the way until everyone has gone home.

2. Hide presents

If you already have a storage unit, you should not overlook it as great staging area for presents. Because the unit is locked, it is difficult for anyone to snoop around for their presents. You can even do all of your wrapping there to make sure the big Christmas reveal is really the surprise you are hoping for.

3. Store decorations for next year

Once the holidays wind to a close, you can use your storage unit to easily store your decorations. This may be a much better option that hauling boxes up to the attic. Look for our December blog where we will discuss how to best pack those holiday decorations.

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