How to Make Sure Stored Belongings Survive the Amarillo Heat

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Let’s face it, summers in Amarillo are freakin’ hot. But summer is still the peak season for moving and storage. If you have to store belongings during summer, you can beat the Amarillo heat by following these 7 tips.

1. Keep them dry

keep dry

Moisture plus heat equals mold and mildew. Make sure that everything is dry before it gets packed. If storing items for long-term, add moisture absorbing packets to boxes and bins to make sure moisture doesn’t creep in over time.

2. Leave some space


When storing items whether at a self-storage facility or at home, do not pack things in so tightly that there is no room for air to flow. Leave small amounts of space between rows of stacking boxes and bags to allow for some breathing room.

3. Polish metal furniture

patio chairs

If you are storing metal items, polish everything thoroughly before storage of any sort in order to prevent oxidation.

4. Layer softgoods


Softgoods such as linens, beddings, and rugs are susceptible to color bleeds and mildew. This can easily be avoided by layering them with tissue paper. This will precent color bleeds as well as cutting back on the moisture.

5. Wrap wooden and soft furniture

Wooden furniture

Thoroughly clean furniture by polishing wood furniture and vacuuming soft furniture before wrapping in plastic. Make sure that no adhesives are in direct contact with the furniture as it could blemish the furniture over time.

6. Protect photos

Photo memories

Photos are often overlooked during packing. It is tempting to just dump them in a box, but photos are sensitive to heat, moisture, dust and oils. Protect them by storing in acid free albums or if they are in a box, stack them so that they are not face to face.

7. Overcome the Amarillo heat with climate controlled storage

Air conditioning

Whether you are storing for a month or for a decade, if you items are going to be in storage during the summer, in order to beat the Amarillo heat your best bet is to go with climate controlled storage. This way you know that the temperature is consistent regardless of the time of year and also because these units are typically indoors, dust will also be kept to a minimum.

If you need help beating the Amarillo heat, our team at Sparky’s would be glad to help with advice, special offers, and of course climate control storage options. Also, check out our blog post Summer moving tips to help you beat the heat for more tips to make your summer move a success.

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