How to move potted plants

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What do you do when it is time to pack up and move the plants you have spent years cultivating? You follow these quick tips to make sure your potted plants make it to your new home safe, sound and ready to keep growing.

Quick tip: Moving potted plants

Start 3 weeks before the move by re-potting plants from clay pots into shatter proof plastic pots. The next week prune back large plants. The 2 days out water plants normally.

Wait until the last day to pack plants. Wrap larger ones in an old sheet to protect branches. Place in a box that will hold them securely upright, and clearly label the box to prevent improper loading. Avoid exposing the plants to direct sunlight and extreme temperatures during transit

Finally, unpack plants a soon as possible. Re-pot them back into clay pots and put them in an appropriate place. Avoid moving them around as they acclimate to the new environment.

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