How to pack wood furniture

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Moving or storing wood furniture can require a bit of extra forethought and protection. Here are some tips to make sure everything stays in tip top shape.

Quick tip: Packing wood furniture

Begin by disassembling as much as possible. As furniture is being moved it can place strain on joints, so it is wise to remove legs and any attached pieces.

Next clean everything thoroughly. If you are moving in either extreme heat or extreme cold, or you are planning to place items into storage for more than 2 or 3 weeks, wax the wood furniture to provide extra moisture and protect.

Once everything is waxed, wrap the items in plastic wrap or blankets. If you use tape, make sure it does not adhere directly to the furniture. The glue on the tape can cause discoloration and can peel away the finish when removed.

Finally, if storing the furniture, place them away from doors and windows. Even just the hot and cold air that seeps in can bring enough moisture to cause damage.

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