How to pack your kitchen for a move

Packing up the kitchen can be a project, but here is a quick guide on getting it done right.

Quick tip: How to properly pack your kitchen for a move

Start by cleaning all appliances thoroughly. Then pack them in their original boxes. If that is not possible use the best fitting box you can and fill in extra space with packing paper.

For dinnerware, first line the boxes you will use with bubble wrap. Then wrap each individual piece in packing paper and stack them before filling in spaces.

Next, sort silverware and wrap each type in rubber bands and then in paper before packing.

Then take your biggest pan and find a box it will fit in horizontally then stack the rest of your pots and pans. Once you’re done, stuff packing paper under the handles so things will no shift.

Finally, toss food that is past expiration and donate anything you don’t need. Then pack the rest in coolers.

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