How to properly pack books

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Time to move your personal library? Here are some tips to make sure all of your books arrive safely.

Quick tip: How to properly pack books

First, using the right box is very important. Pick strong, but not very big boxes. Books are heavy, so you do not want to pack them in a large box that will be difficult to move.

Second, boxes can create dust over time and the chemicals in the box lining could damage book covers during storage. For these reasons, line the inside of your boxes with tissue or packing papers.

Third, it may seem efficient squeeze books into the box by standing in a box with the spines facing up, but this puts strain on the spines and can cause warping and other damage. Instead, pack books so that they are lying flat.

Finally, during the move or storage it is possible for items to shift in the box, bending book covers and tearing spines. Prevent this by filling in any gaps to prevent shifting. You can use paper, bedding, towels, clothes etc.

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