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Despite what some people may assume, self storage is not just something for hoarders who have trouble letting go. It is an essential service needed by many when life takes you by surprise. Most people need storage during major life events. When your life is going through upheaval, self-storage can often alleviate some of the pressure. Here are 6 life events that self storage can help you through.

1. Remodelinglife events - remodeling

Finally redoing the master bedroom, but don’t have anywhere to put your things to protect them from the dust and paint? Self storage may be your answer. Instead of piling things in the house where you will have to squeeze around them or in a garage where they may not be protected from extreme temperatures and dust, rent a self storage unit. Most facilities will have dust and climate controlled options. For information on picking the right unit read Choosing the Right Storage Unit in 4 Easy Steps.

2. Movinglife events - moving

Moving can be one of the most stressful life events we all have to face. This is especially true for an unexpected move. Self storage can help by providing a secure holding place for non-essentials while you focus on finding the right home and getting settled.

3. Marriagelife events - marriage

Marriage is the joining of two hearts, it is also the joining of all your possessions. More than that, planning a wedding, especially on a budget, means buying or making many of the decorations and other items well in advance. You will need a place to store all of the wedding supplies until the big day. Self storage is a great way to keep things out of your hair, but easily accessible. Since there are no contracts, you can cancel your lease once the wedding is over.

4. Frequent travelinglife events - traveling

Whether you are an adventurer or a business traveler, if you are away from home more often than you are there, it may make sense to live in a smaller place and store other items. Pick a storage facility that has 24/7 CCTV surveillance and has a staff that does regular walk throughs. This way you know your important items are protected while you are on the road. For more information on this topic read our post Self Storage For People On The Move.

5. Downsizing and retirementlife events - downsizing

Have you reached retirement? It is your chance to live freely and enjoy the fruits of your labor. That may include traveling, it may also include downsizing to a smaller house. This transition can be helped by using a self storage unit. It will allow you to move on with your plans, but also give you time to decide exactly what to do with your items without being rushed.

6. Declutteringlife events - decluttering

Need some extra space, but not sure what to do with all your stuff? Store items until that big garage sale, or until your are able to move to your dream home.

Clearly, these are not the only life events that might necessitate self storage, but it does give some ideas of when you should consider a storage unit to alleviate clutter, protect your items, and give yourself time to sort through things. If you are in the Amarillo area, Sparky’s Storage Solutions is always here to help. Our friendly staff take pride in our facility and our high standard of customer service. You can call us at 806-353-9500 or visit us at 7550 Golden Pond Pl. just off 45th and Coulter.

For more examples of reasons you might need self storage check out the post Top 10 Reasons for Using Self Storage by Realty Times.



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