Long Term Self Storage: Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Many people use self storage on a long term basis for various reasons. Self storage is a great option for those looking for a safe, secure place to store their extra items. However, renters should be aware that over a long period of time, items can be damaged if they are not properly stored. Before storing your belongings, you should be aware of potential hazards and best storage practices. The following will answer some of the questions you may have about storing various items in long term self storage.

Can I safely store my washer in a self storage unit?

Like any item that stays in contact with fluids for long periods, your washer can rust on the inside and throughout the hoses. The metal joints and fasteners in the hose system can rust if detergent, water, and other fluids are trapped within. If you are going to store a washer, make sure it is completely dry beforehand.

Clean out residual detergent by simply running the washer with water alone as many times as necessary. This will rinse all soap from the inside of the drum and hose system. Once completed, lift the washer’s lid up to allow the interior to air dry. Finally, remove any lint, debris, or dust.

How do I safely prepare my china and crystal for long term storage?

If you are placing china or crystal in self storage, visit a packing materials store and purchase a few rolls of bubble wrap. Carefully wrap each piece in the bubble wrap. Don’t use newsprint to wrap your china as it can cause damage. Consider placing styrofoam blocks inside the box with your china for extra protection while it remains in self storage.

How do I prepare a vehicle for long term self storage?

There are several steps you need to take when storing a vehicle to ensure it is ready to drive when you take it out of self storage. First, completely drain the radiator system and fill it with fresh antifreeze. This step will keep the system from freezing in times of cold weather.

To prevent rodents from nesting inside your vehicle, plug the exhaust openings. Next, raise your vehicle on cement blocks to lift the tires off the ground and release the parking brake. Finally, clean the exterior and interior and drape the vehicle with a car cover. The cover will keep the exterior clean and free of dust while the vehicle sits in self storage.

Can I store my electronics inside an unheated self storage unit?

Heat is not the only issue to think about when it comes to storing your electronic devices. Moisture could majorly damage your electronics. To prevent your devices from failing after long term storage, be sure to waterproof them. After removing the electronics from self storage, leave them out for a few days in a room temperature area to allow them to completely dry before use.

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