Why Millions Of Us Need Self Storage

Research proves that today many people are feeling the burden of cluttered living spaces. We are always trying to rearrange, sort, eliminate, and do whatever else it takes to free up space. The kid’s have too many toys, the drawers are stuffed, and the closets cannot fit another hanger. This clutter explains why so many of us can benefit from self storage.

Surprising statistics on clutter

Data shows that the average American home contains approximately 300,000 items. Though 25 percent of homes have two-car garages, 1 out of 10 Americans need off-site storage. Research done in Britain found the average ten year old has over 200 toys, but only plays with about twelve daily. Children are not the only ones with too much stuff. The average American woman owns 30 outfits and as a whole, the average American family spends over $1,700 on clothing a year.

Why we really need self storage

Self storage is the answer to our cluttered lifestyles. Storage helps by giving us a space to put up items we don’t need every day, especially seasonal items. Placing these items in a self storage unit can open up closet, floor, drawer, and cupboard space for the items you do need to use often.

If you are beginning a home remodeling project, self storage can help to get furniture and other items out of your way. Self storage is also a great place to put these items you cannot throw away, such as important documents, favorite photos, and furniture. Small businesses can especially make good use out of self storage units by storing extra inventory and supplies. The items don’t take up room for customers or clutter up working space. Self storage is a great alternative to warehousing, saves costs, and is both cleaner and safer.

The use of self storage does not always have to be about freeing up cluttered spaces, but can also be about dealing with life’s stresses. If you are moving, remodeling, or need a place to keep treasured articles during hard times, self-storage can provide a much-needed solution.

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