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Here are some things that you should absolutely never store in a storage unit.

Quick tip: Never store these things

  • Don’t store yourself. Taking up residence in a unit is illegal, even if it is climate controlled.
  • Don’t store pets or live plants. This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised at what can turn up.
  • Don’t store food. This is true even if it is in a sealed bin. Food will spoil quickly while also attracting rodents and other pests.
  • Don’t store hazardous materials. This include pesticides, herbicides, like Roundup, and even some household cleaners that may release toxins over time. These toxins could affect your belongings or even someone opening the unit or a unit nearby.
  • Don’t store firearms or explosives. In many cases it is illegal to store these items, but regardless, it could be dangerous and lead to accidents or fires.

Follow these rules to keep yourself and your belongings out of trouble.

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