14 nifty, thrifty home organization tricks

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Don’t just clean, organize. Cleaning is a constant battle against chaos, but organization is a long term strategy to help you keep things in the right place. When space is tight, sometimes you have to get creative to find the right place for everything. Never fear, Sparky’s is here with 14 our favorite and most practical tips for home organization.

1. Get happy with tennis balls

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Source: P&G Everyday

This is a favorite because it is both cute and practical. Tennis balls are hollow inside, so just use a box cutter to cut out a slit for the mouth and then draw eyes over the mouth for a cute face you can use to hold keys, small papers, and change. You can use them to leave messages for family members or as loose change holders. Just place them on a table or pin them to a wall.

2. Organize tools with a belt rack

When doing a job in your workshop or around the house the last thing you want to do is dig for the right tool. This might be especially true for wrenches when you are looking for the right sized wrench to get the job done. Instead of having to dig through different tool boxes, try hanging your wrenches on a belt rack to keep them organized and readily available when you need them.

3. Use bungee cords to hold things in place

Items such as sports balls and stuffed animals can collect in any home, but they are difficult to store in small space. Most families opt for a large bin or toy chest, but there is actually an easier, and more kid-friendly option… bungie cords!

You can drill holes into material to either hook the cords through, or cut off the hooks and use knots instead. Now toys and balls stay in place, but are easily accessible to children or anyone else in the family.

4. Get ribbon out of the way

This is one of the simplest and most brilliant solutions on this list. All you need are two equal lengths of chain and some cafe style curtain rods. If you have a wire shelf to hang the chain from, use S hooks, if not use eye hooks to screw them into the ceiling or the shelf the chains will hang from.

5. Get sticky with magnetic tape

Source: Superwoman

Bathrooms are typically small, but there are much needed items that are typically stored there. One blogger had the ingenious idea to place strips of magnetic tape on the inside of a cabinet door to store small magnetic objects that often clutter bathroom drawers. You can use them to hold bobby pins, tweezers, nail clippers, and metal nail files.

6. Clip hair ties

One last tip for bathroom organization. Use a carbiner to keep hair ties together. If you have a wire shelf in the bathroom you can clip the carbiner to the shelf first and then add all the hair ties. This is also a great solution for traveling.

7. Bread tag power cords

Source: RedBook

Power strips are awesome, but can quickly get confusing when you need to unplug only one thing. Take the confusion out of the process by saving the plastic bread tags and using them to label the cords plugged into the power strip.

8. Keep clothes on their hangers

One of the keys to a clean closet is that hanging clothes need to stay on their hangers and not end up on the floor. One simple way to keep clothes where they belong is to wrap pipe cleaner around the end of the hangers. Another solutions is to use a hot glue gun to place large dots of glue at the end of the hangers that will also prevent slipping.

9. Display and organize your scarves

Source: Pinterest

Scarves can be beautiful and practical, but they can also present a dilemma when it comes to storing them. They are too small to occupy a hanger singly, and they also easily slip off hangers, so what is the solution? Shower curtain rings. You can organize the rings in different ways such us on the bottom of a larger hanger or on towel bars.

10. Cork it up

How can anyone write about organization without mentioning corkboards? These fun boards are not just for leaving notes, they can be used to organize the smaller items found in your closet such as: ties, belts, scarves, hats and more. You can mount it to the inside of your closet door or  even to the back of your bedroom to keep things easily accessible.

11. Organize flip flops and sandals

Source: DIY & Crafts

Use a letter organizer to keep flip flops and sandals out of the way during the winter and easily accessible during the summer.

12. Reuse bottle tops to seal bags

Source: DIY & Crafts

Everyone knows the old hanger into chip bag clip, but this is a trick you might not have seen yet. Cut off the top of a plastic bottle (keep the lid). Push the top of the bag through the bottle opening and fold it over. Then screw the lid on over the plastic for a water tight seal.

13. Cheaply organize k-cups

If you do not feel like investing in a store bought k-cup holder, but need all your coffee flavors to stop rolling around in you kitchen drawer, we have a cheap, quick fix for you. Cut the top off of some egg cartons and line a drawer with them. This way you can easily see what you have and they will all stay in place.

14. Kitchen organization with magazine holders

Source: Chica and Jo

Some kitchen items are difficult to store in drawers or even in cabinets. One creative solutions is to use magazine holders for cutting boards, plastic wrap, tin foil, plastic lids and candy molds. You could even mount it on the inside of a cabinet door to save even more space.

For even more home organization tips visit DIY & Crafts blog 85 Insanely Clever Organizing and Storage Ideas for Your Entire Home. If you have your own brilliant organizing tricks let us know on Facebook. You can also Learn more about Sparky’s in Amarillo HERE.

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