What Not To Keep Inside Your Self Storage Unit

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When you are looking for self storage, keep in mind that each facility has its own restrictions on what is allowed to be kept in a unit. These restrictions are for your protection and for the protection of other self storage customers. In general, items that are considered “inherently dangerous” are not allowed in a self storage unit. If you are not sure about an item, be sure to ask the self storage facility that you are renting from.

Flammable, combustible, toxic, or hazardous materials

Materials that are flammable, combustible, toxic, or hazardous are considered “inherently dangerous”. These materials include compressed gas, gasoline, kerosene, propane tanks, motor oil, lamp oil, grease, acid, fertilizers, corrosives, cleaners, paint, narcotics, and chemicals.

Biological, toxic, or hazardous waste is also considered “inherently dangerous” and is not allowed inside a self storage unit. Other items that are not allowed in self storage for this reason include asbestos and products containing asbestos as well as explosives and fireworks.

Vehicles and tires

While keeping vehicles in self storage is generally acceptable, most facilities will not allow more than four tires in a unit. This restriction is due to the cost it takes to properly dispose of the tires.

Pharmaceutical or medical supplies and equipment

For sales representatives, self storage may seem like a convenient place to keep product such as pharmaceutical samples and medical supplies. However, keep in mind that while most supplies are acceptable, there are some restrictions. Any radioactive equipment or supplies that contain radioactive materials cannot be kept in self storage.

Construction equipment

A self storage unit may also be a convenient location for workers to keep necessary construction equipment. Check with your facility before storing your equipment. Some items may be restricted.

Animal products and perishable food

Animal products including pet food and pet treats are not allowed in self storage. Perishable food, such as meats or produce, are also not allowed. These products might attract pests or spoil. However, canned foods are generally acceptable.

Miscellaneous items

Other miscellaneous items may also be restricted for self storage. Any plants or animals, alive or dead, cannot be placed in storage. Stolen items are also prohibited. You cannot use or plug in freezers, generators, refrigerators, or space heaters inside your self storage unit.

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