Packing For Storage: Long Term And Short Term

Packing For Storage: Long Term And Short Term

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People use self storage units for various reasons and for different amounts of time. Some may rent a self storage unit temporarily to house their seasonal decor. Others use this service to store possessions for a long period of time. There are different steps you should take when packing for storage depending on whether you need a long term or short term solution.

Packing for storage: long term

If you are storing items for three months or more, you should use long term packing techniques. You should first make sure your items are clean and dry before placing them in self storage. If storing furniture, cover the legs with protective wrapping. When storing sensitive items, wrap each in bubble wrap before placing them in a box.

Be sure to organize your unit with large, valuable items near the back. If there are belongings you will need at some point in the future, place them near the front of your self storage unit. As long as you take precautions and pack correctly, storing furniture and valuables for a long period of time will be safe.

Packing for storage: short term

When storing items for less than three months, you can use a set of different packing techniques. Simply use dust covers to protect any large pieces of furniture in your self storage unit. Also, leave a pathway in the center of your unit for easy access to your belongings. You should still wrap breakable items carefully to avoid damage. Items like electronics, appliances, and clothing are best stored for short periods of time. Simply place these items in organized boxes for easy access.

Most storage facilities have monthly payment options so you are not committed to a lease. There are also a wide variety of unit sizes with different services available to fit your needs. Locate a self storage facility near you so you can keep your belongings safe during long term or short term storage.

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