How To Pick The Right Size Self Storage Unit

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If you are moving or remodeling you may be looking for a self storage unit to keep your property safe and out of your way. There are self storage units to fit all your needs, whether you are storing the entire contents of your home or a few seasonal items. Before you choose a storage unit, it is best to find the exact size for your needs. First, you should take an inventory of your items, then research the exact sizes of storage units in your area. Finally, follow a guide to determine the best storage unit size for your needs.

Take an inventory of items

Take an inventory of all the items you want to store, including furniture and appliances, and how many boxes or crates you will have. Using a tape measure to see how much space these items will require will help determine the correct size for your self storage unit. Take into account odd shaped items like bicycles, lamps, or different shaped boxes.

Storage unit sizes

To know what size you are going to need means you need to know the dimensions of different units. Self storage units are sized by square footage, taking the length times the width. The typical ceiling is eight feet high, which gives you some stacking room.

If you are looking for enough room to clean out a large closet, a 5×5 self storage unit will work. A 5×10 will hold the furniture from a one bedroom apartment. If you need a lot of space, a 10×20 is about the size of a one car garage. This size will hold furniture from a three to four bedroom house.

Use a guide to determine the best size for your self storage unit

Many people are surprised at how much a self storage unit can hold. There are charts online that can help you gauge the correct size and also provide some tips on how to pack your storage unit.

Some people fill their self storage with items and do not return until they need to empty it completely. In these cases, a smaller unit will typically work. If you think there will be a need to retrieve your items, then you will want space to move around. You may want to allow space for aisles between boxes so you can easily look for something you stored.

A common mistake for people looking to rent a self storage unit to make is to underestimate the size they will need. If you want to store your property efficiently, you should choose a larger size. Often times the price is not much higher to go one size larger and it will take away any stress from trying to overfill a smaller unit.

Visit the storage facility where you plan to rent before you sign a contract. Take a tour of the units to see how the size compares to what you were estimating. Seeing the facility in person will be better than trying to visualize the space you need in your head.

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