Picking the right storage lock

Whether you have a storage unit or need to secure your storage shed at home, the right lock is essential, and we recommend disc locks. These locks are a standard in the industry for several reasons.

Quick tip: Choosing a storage lock

The first benefit of the disc lock is that it cannot be removed with bolt cutters. The reason for this is that bolt cutters cannot reach the hasp (the u-shaped part). So, any thief who thought they could get into your shed with a little elbow grease will quickly find that they are out of luck.

If a thief is a littler more daring, they might try to hammer a lock off when bolt cutter don’t work. That might work on padlocks and even keyless locks, but it won’t work on a disc lock.If bolt cutter don’t work, thieves may try to quickly hammer the lock off.

To sum up, disc locks are the best design for preventing removal by bolt cutters and hammers. The only real way cut off a disc lock is to use a grinder. This is an extremely loud process, and depending on the lock can take 5 to 30 minutes. Not ideal for your average thief.

One more thing to note, is that though disc locks are all designed to the same and provide similar benefits in terms of preventing removal by force, the core of the lock can differ dramatically be brand and model. Do your research to know which locks are going to be more difficult to pick.

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