How To Prepare A Car For Self Storage

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Many self storage units are rented for extra items like books, clothing, paperwork, or furniture. Some people don’t realize that self storage units are also a great option for storing a vehicle. Depending on which facility you rent from, you can likely keep your vehicle inside a storage unit while it is not being used. A self storage arrangement is often necessary for those in the military or for others that travel for work. If you must store your car, there are things you should do to make sure it is prepared.

Remove valuables

Before storing your car, make sure all of your valuable items are removed. Don’t risk leaving a removable radio or CDs in your vehicle. You have added security with a self storage unit, but you never know what could happen while you are gone. Clean out your car as much as you possibly can before you leave it in your storage unit.

Wash your car’s exterior and interior

Give your vehicle a good wash before putting it in storage. Clean the seats, dashboard, and floors. Before closing the car’s windows, make sure any cleaners you used on the interior have dried. Consider leaving a box of baking soda somewhere near the front of the car for freshness. You should also make sure all windows are closed before you put your car in your self storage unit.

Change oil and fill up

You may think it is unnecessary to fill the gas tank for a car you will not be using for a while. When an empty gas tank sits for a while, moisture builds up and eventually causes problems. Change your oil if needed and fuel your car before leaving it in self storage if the facility allows this. This practice will keep the car in working order and it will be ready to drive when you come back.

Be sure to choose a facility that offers security and indoor storage for cars. A self storage unit will be especially necessary if you live in an area prone to bad weather. Your car will be safe from harsh weather and other threats until you return for it.

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