How To Prepare Your Motorcycle For The Road After Storage

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Although you may have correctly prepared your motorcycle to be placed in self storage, there are some procedures to follow to safely take it out. Simply taking your motorcycle out of storage and immediately driving it could result in some negative consequences. Following these three steps can prepare your motorcycle to be taken out of self storage.

Do a full body inspection

Check the vehicle for noticeable damage upon taking it out of self storage. Look for rust or cracks in the frame. Also, check the gears, cables, and pedals for signs of damage. Be sure to tighten any loose nuts or bolts. Test your horn and replace any bulbs that may have dimmed over time in the storage unit. Finally, check the pressure in your tires and inspect them for holes or cracks.

Your inspection should also include checking for visual damage. Give your motorcycle a good cleaning after it has been in storage. Perform a proper detail and apply wax to protect the motorcycle from the environment and keep the paint looking good.

Charge your battery

Inspect the motorcycle’s battery and ensure there has been no corrosion and that the leads are secure. If you have charged your battery on a regular basis while it was in storage, it should be fine to drive the motorcycle. However, make sure the battery is charged so you don’t end up stranded as soon as you begin to ride again.

Check the fluids

Fluids can deteriorate over time, so it is important that you check their quality and quantity before you ride your motorcycle again. Look for cloudy gas or gunk when you open the filler cap. If you did not use a fuel stabilizer while the vehicle was in storage, you may want to drain the tank. Consider performing an oil change as well and topping off the clutch fluid, brake fluid, and coolant. Finally, be sure to let your motorcycle idle for several minutes before taking it on the road. This time will allow the fluids to get moving.

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