Preparing furniture for storage or a move

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Moving furniture can be arduous whether you are packing up to move into a new home or just preparing it for storage. Even if using a moving company does not guarantee that everything is properly prepared and protected. Avoid common mistakes and avoidable damage by following these tips.

Wood Furniture

When preparing wood furniture for storage or a move, first, pull out some tools and disassemble as much as possible. For instance, remove legs from tables and chairs. Pay attention to any pieces that stick out and are in danger of breaking.

Next, clean and wax the wood. This will provide extra moisture which can help prevent warping and cracking when exposed to swings in temperature and humidity.

Then wrap the items in plastic wrap to prevent scratches and drawers and other parts in place. If you use tape, make sure it does not adhere directly to the furniture.

Finally, if storing wood furniture place it away from doors and windows where moisture could seep in. Even just the cold air coming in from a garage door can cause condensation and water damage.

Patio Furniture

Just because your patio furniture is made for the outdoors doesn’t mean it is not in need of care and maintenance. Before you pack this furniture for a move or store it for the winter months, you should first clean it all thoroughly.

Soapy water and a sponge works well to clean aluminum, vinyl, and plastic. For canvas regular upholstery cleaner should work like a charm.

After you have scrubbed everything down, use a garden hose to thoroughly rinse each item.

Many patio sets are made from metal, and the number one threat is rust. If you notice any rust remove it quickly by scrubbing it off with a wire brush. Even small rust spots should be dealt with, especially before putting the item into storage lest the spot spread. Once you have removed the rust cover all the metal parts with a paste wax to prevent any more rust from forming.

Finally, mildew is also a common plague of patio furniture. Even items that are supposed to be waterproof can eventually succumb. Nip the problem in the bud by cleaning seats, cushions and umbrellas with a mixture of three-fourths cup of bleach in one gallon of water.

Upholstered Furniture

For your upholstered and leather furniture begin be emptying them out, if applicable. Then, you guessed it, clean thoroughly. Be sure to pull up all the cushions and vacuum in every crevice.

Next, next clean everything will soapy water. It is important to leave enough time for items to air dry. If possible, let them dry in the sun as this will kill some microbes.

Then add an extra level of protection by applying furniture protection spray and leather conditioner.

Finally, cover furniture in blankets or specialty furniture covers. Use rubber bands, straps or plastic wrap to secure the covers in place.



Most of us take a clean mattresses pretty seriously. Don’t let your mattress be dragged through the dirt on its way to storage or your new home. Get it ready by first inspecting it for any sign of dust, moisture, or infestation. It may be a good idea to let it sit in the sunlight for a few hours just in case.

Use a specialized mattress storage bag that is made for you size mattress. These bags are made to be durable and keep out dust and pests. Seal the ends with packing tape.

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