Prevent Pests In Self Storage Units

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A self storage unit is like any other type of property because it needs maintenance to prevent pests. Since self storage units often go long periods of time without being entered, they are susceptible to infestation without disturbance. Not all storage facilities are the same, however. Make sure the local facility you choose takes measures to keep pests out. There are also some things you can do to prevent an infestation of pests in your self storage unit. These preventative measures include knowing what attracts pests and how to pest proof your storage items.

What attracts pests at self storage facilities

Make sure that bushes, shrubbery, and other landscaping is trimmed and away from your unit. These plants harbor all kinds of pests. You also want to make sure that areas of moisture around your unit are minimized, as they also attract pests. The facility you choose should have garbage containers that are sealed and away from units. The garbage should be disposed of regularly or it will attract rodents and insects.

Pest proofing your items

Take a few steps to ensure your items remain safe, even if pests manage to creep inside your unit. Store your items in sealed, plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes. This measure will prevent pests such as rodents from nesting inside the containers.

Before packing your items, clean those you plan on storing. Be sure to remove residue from furniture and clothing. Food remnants left on kitchen appliances can attract rodents and insects so make sure they are cleaned as well. Additionally, never store perishable food items or plants inside your self storage unit, because pests will see these as food or somewhere to nest.

Another measure to keep your items safe would be to store your boxes on raised pallets. This will prevent smaller pests from hiding underneath. Also, make a habit of regularly checking and cleaning your unit. If you see signs of an infestation, contact the manager of the facility and work with them to remove the pests.

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