How to protect your electronics

How to protect your electronics

Dust to electronics is kinda like kryptonite to Superman. So, follow these steps to protect your gadgets.

Quick tip: How to protect your electronics

First, dust attracts static electricity which can be harmful.  So, as a general rule you should regularly dust around and under electronics, cords and power strips.

If you are packing electronics for storage or a move, you need to go beyond your regular dusting routine and thoroughly clean them to remove all the dust you possibly can. Once your gadgets are clean then wrap them in anti-static materials and place into boxes.

It is important not to have empty spaces in the boxes to prevent shifting and damage, so use packing peanuts to fill in any gaps. Seal all the edges of the boxes with packing tape to cut down on dust during transport and/or storage. If storing for more than a few weeks, use plastic bins instead of cardboard for better protection from dust and pests.

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