Protect items for long-term storage

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Whether you are storing items in your garage, the attic, or a self-storage unit, taking the proper steps to protect your stored items will help guarantee they are still in good condition when you are ready to use them again. Here are some quick tips on how to properly prepare different types of items for storage.

Protect Mechanical Items

Protect Lawnmower Storage

When storing any item with an engine for more than a few weeks, drain all gasoline. For items such as lawnmowers, brush away as much loose debris as possible.


Vehicle Storage

For cars or other vehicles, change the oil and top off the gas tank. Adding a fuel stabilizer would also be a good idea. This will protect your gas tank from ethanol build up, and the full tank will prevent the tank from accumulating moisture. Taking the time to wash the exterior and interior to prevent unnecessary build up of dust.


Book Storage

Do not stand books end to end as long term storage in this position could damage the spines. Instead, lay them flat in small stacks. Keep in mind that books are heavy, so pack them in small boxes and do not place them with fragile items.

Protect Furniture

Furniture storage

Hard furniture should be covered with blankets or canvas tarps. Cushioned furniture should be vacuumed and them covered in plastic when stored.


Store Bedding

Sheets, blankets, quilts, cloth window shades and the like should be washed them stored in plastic tubs or bags. Do not pack these items too tightly in order to allow ventilation.

Dishes and Glassware


The best solution for your fragile dishes is to purchase specially made boxes called dishpacks. These boxes are more expensive, but they are will worth it for the protection they provide to your possessions.


Appliance Storage

Before storing, clean all appliances thoroughly. You do not want any splattered food to attract unwelcome pests. Any appliances that have seals should be left with doors ajar in order to allow for ventilation.

Properly preparing your items will save you the cost of pulling something down to the attic only to find that dust and time have rendered it useless. If you find yourself without any more room to store you items at home, check out Sparky’s Storage Solutions. We off dust and climate-controlled units to provide the best protections for your belongings. Learn more about storage in Amarillo or call us at (806) 353-9500.

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