Renting Out Your Home? Self Storage Can Keep Your Stuff Safe!

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The advent of technology has made renting out a vacation home or a spare room incredibly easy. Many websites allow users to list their home or apartment on the internet and find potential renters. These opportunities allow property owners to make some extra cash off real estate, or rooms, that they are not currently using. However, hosting a stranger in your home can come with risks. How can you keep your important belongings safe while strangers are living in your home? There are several things you should consider before you rent out your home.

Communication with renters

Before or directly after guests arrive, explain any requests or expectations you have when it comes to the care of the space. Communicate these needs in writing so guests have a reference in case they forget anything. For example, if you have delicate granite countertops which would be damaged with a cleaner such as bleach, ask them not to use it.

The price should be fair for both parties

You should research the seasonal rent prices in your area before entering into an agreement. Undercharging will keep you from maximizing profits and overcharging may push away potential renters. Also, it is best to obtain a security deposit and cleaning fee in case messes are left behind after their stay.

Only list on a reputable website

Before you list your home online, make sure the website is well known and contains positive reviews. Be sure to read the fine print before you make a legally binding commitment with a prospective renter.

Place important belongings in self storage

Rent a self storage unit and move valuable furniture, fixtures, rugs or sentimental belongings. Placing the items most important to you in storage will give you added peace of mind. It does not cost much to rent a small storage unit and knowing your things are safe from harm makes it well worth the cost.

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